The Coolest Website On The Internet is founded upon the Freudian Theory of Psychosexual Development and the Circle of Life Principle.  It is based upon the idea that there are three main areas of life wherein people exercise most, if not all, of their time and energies: Art, Crafts, & Music.  It can be argued that everything human beings do are comprised within these three areas.

     Human beings are very sexual creatures.  They thrive upon lust, fantasy, love, and marriage.  Those things lead to pregnancies, babies, and families.  And all of those things are governed, moderated, and/or manipulated in one way or another by religious and philosophical ideologies, teachings, and traditions.  During the process of life people engage in intellectual, emotional, physical, sexual, spiritual, and creative thought, emotion, and expressions that are experienced through these three distinct mediums.

     Art is strongly associated with the most basic aspect of life: the human body.  Body Art, Modeling, and Photography are all forms of Art.  What do we most like to do with our bodies?  We like to Eat, have Sex, and Exercise.  Eating implies cooking, which is an Art.  The realm of Sex incorporates Sexy Models, Photography, and even Pornography (Adult Entertainment), which are all forms of Art.  Exercises such as Body Building and Martial Arts are both forms of Art.  Writing is a form of Art.  Speaking is a form of Art.  You don't have to be a Painter like Picasso or da Vinci to be an Artist.  Just speak well.  If you are a speaker, chef, landscape designer, or athlete - you are an Artist.

     Crafts like Jewelry Making, Pottery, Ceramics, Drawing, Paper Mache, Party Decorating, etc. are all hobbies that people enjoy doing.  The manifestations of all such hobbies are incorporated into people's lives daily.  But Crafts are not only made by the hands.  They are made of the mind.  Crafty thinking, which includes Philosophy and Creative Writing, may justifiably be viewed as the foundation for all of the Religions and Laws that have helped to shape Cultures and Traditions.  So speaking and writing are not only forms of Art, they are Crafts as well.

     Music is perhaps the most profound and far reaching of the three.  It includes: listening to music; dancing to music; creating music; reading music; writing music; composing music; and learning how to make music with any one of a number of musical instruments - including the human voice, which is the oldest musical instrument of all.  Beats and Rhythms, Melodies & Harmonies, Musical Instruments, and Music Theory are the four cornerstones of music upon which all of the skyscrapers of musical possibilities are built.  And music, along with Mathematics, is an international language.  In fact, Math and Music are married to one another.

     The Founder and CEO of Art Crafts Music, LLC and, Mike Singer, is a profound thinker, philosopher, and business entrepreneur who has brought a wide range of experiences and diverse perspectives to his company and websites.  All of his products, services, and philosophies are based upon one simple principle: Truth.  He has always believed in, and lived by, this simple creed: "The Truth Will Set You Free."  His sound principles and diverse experiences eventually gave rise to his three Worldwide Brands: BeachWearBabes (Sexy Brazilian Bikinis & Fitness Products), which can be found at:; MikeSingerMusic (Music Lessons for Guitar, Voice, Piano, Bass, & Drums), which can be found at:; and Grand Staff & His Musical Friends (A Hardcover Storybook, Musical CD, Coloring/Activities Book, & Stickers Set for children), which can be found at:

     Mike endured an embattled childhood and challenging years throughout his adolescence.  Perhaps this was in part why he surrendered his own life into the hands, care, direction, and guidance of the Creator when he was just 16 years old.  He did not become a "religious" person.  He was a seeker of truth.  So he surrendered his life to God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the One and Only True God, the Creator God.  For the next 10 years he committed to diligent biblical studies with his great-grandfather who was a Baptist preacher, Catholics, Jews, Methodists, Presbyterians, Lutherans, Evangelicals, Pentecostals, non-denominational, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, and Seventh Day Adventists.  He also studied with Buddhists, Hindus, and Muslims for several years going to their temples and reading their books and scriptures.  He read the Koran and the Holy Bible twice over as one would read a book.  And he engaged in in-depth studies of the prophecies and wisdom contained in Proverbs, Psalms, Isaiah, Daniel, & Revelations.  He dropped down to his knees three to five times per day, every day,  beseeching God, and God alone, to forgive, fix, help, teach, guide, and direct him.  He begged God daily for forgiveness, knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.  He did all of this with a sincere, open, and committed heart, mind, and soul for more than a decade - intelligently and diligently.  He read scores of scriptures and pages from various bibles (The King James, New King James, New International Version), the Koran, the Urantia Book, Scientology books, religious handouts and pamphlets from just about every church and religion on planet earth, and hundreds of other books pertaining to religion, history, spirituality, philosophy, and psychology.  Today, he believes that due to fear, insecurity, and various weaknesses in human nature it is easy for minds to go to extremes - in the directions of both, Good and Bad.  Thus, many human minds get caught up (trapped) in spiritual and/or religious delusions that are essentially nothing more than very deep-seated psycho-emotional pathologies of believing in something that is not necessarily true.  That was the basis for 911.  You know, the belief that by killing others in the name of a false God you will inherit an eternal life and a harem of Virgins.  Yeah - that delusional belief.  Another good example, which is not too far off from the Muslim based motivation for 911, is how some people believe that the Holy Bible is the direct, literal, actual, factual, perfect, infallible word of God - quite literally as if the Holy Bible itself is God.  Essentially such people believe a book that was written by, translated by, interpreted by, comprised by, and manipulated by other human beings is their sole authority.  And they believe it is the only source upon which the eternal existence of every human soul is dependent.  That is truly sad and unfortunate.  Such a hardened pathology perpetuates judgment, scorn, ridicule, and division among humanity.  Since God, or the concept of God, is such an integral part of life Mike finds entirely unrealistic and unacceptable the notion that there exists a "judgmental" and/or "condemnatory" God.  He believes, and he is certain, that God is much bigger and much better than that humanistic notion.

     Mike does not accept the idea that no homosexual will inherit the Kingdom of heaven, as is advanced by the Holy Bible and "extremist" Christians.  He has befriended and known too many human beings who are homosexual to adapt that fear-based belief.  Considering that the Holy Bible calls for the death of all people who partake in homosexuality, bestiality, and infidelity Christians had better start a revolution and kill off all of the people who are causing such moral decline in society via political correctness, or they should wake up to the reality that such thinking is an archaic falsehood - one or the other - let's go.  Considering the very sexual nature of human beings and the widespread reality of pornography, which is so widely accepted and tolerated by society, Mike believes that people should take responsibility for their lives and their actions more than judge, scorn, criticize, and condemn others for their lifestyles and sexual curiosities.  He believes there are only two laws: 1.) Acknowledge and respect the boundaries that exist between the realms of Adulthood vs. Childhood.  2.) Do whatever you want so long as you are not violating and infringing upon the sovereign rights and will of other beings.  Hence, he wrote a phenomenal and incredibly insightful e-Book entitled:

     Mike's vast background in these multiple areas of spirituality, enlightenment, aquatics, health & fitness, outdoors, and music are the foundation for his three Worldwide Brands.

     As a lifelong musician, music education & jazz guitar major, and proud parent he created his first Brand: Grand Staff & His Musical Friends (A Hardcover Picture Storybook, Musical CD, Coloring & Activities Book, & Stickers).  The Complete Set introduces children to all aspects of music in a fun and colorful way.  It is truly the greatest musical product ever produced for young children.  Studies have shown how music improves brain development in young children.  And this is the only product of its kind in existence.  The love Mike has for both children and music lead to the creation, development, and production of this wonderful Brand.  It is an Intellectual Property that he created by turning all of the musical components into uniquely and beautifully illustrated cartoon characters.  Available at: and

     After enlisting in the United States Navy for three years and receiving an Honorable Discharge Mike became an Ocean Lifeguard, Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), and CPR instructor for both the American Red Cross and the American Heart Association.  During his five years working for Miami-Dade County as an ocean lifeguard he acquired his PADI Apnea Free Diver certification, PADI Scuba Diver certification, and Rescue Skin Diver certification & Rescue SCUBA Diver certification with the Miami-Dade County Fire Department.  He also engaged in a very healthy and active lifestyle during this period of time participating in numerous triathlons.  His experiences in these areas combined to develop his second Brand: BeachWearBabes.  It was created to promote and encourage Healthy Living & Active Lifestyles in the areas of: Aquatics (Boating, Fishing, Diving, Swimming); Sexy Brazilian Bikinis (The BWB Brand); Health & Fitness (Running, Swimming, Biking, Climbing, Gym, Diet, Exercise, Super Foods); Outdoors (Camping, Hiking, Hunting, Fishing); Beauty Products (Skin Care, Hair Care); and Sexy Bikini Contests, Beauty Pageants, & Triathlons.  Be sure to visit:

     Mike spends most of his time doing what he enjoys most - playing blues guitar and performing with his band.  The genres of music his band performs include: Blues, Country, Southern Rock, Cajun, & Classic Rock.  He is also frequently called upon in very high demand for his musical teaching, coaching, & mentoring skills.  Thus, when he has time available to devote to the swift development of young aspiring musicians he will occasionally take on new private students by request.  This is one of the main reasons why he created a special YouTube channel to provide FREE music lessons for Guitar, Voice, Piano, Bass, & Drums.  His teaching skills are so unique, dynamic, comprehensive, and called upon that he generously created his third Brand: MikeSingerMusic - the world's best musical tutorials for Guitar, Voice, Piano, Bass, Drums, and Music Theory.  They are available at: and

     Having Art, Crafts, and Music in your life - being Artistic, Crafty, and Musical - and experiencing all of the things that Art, Crafts, and Music provides leads to a fuller, richer, happier, and healthier life experience.  Schools incorporate Art, Crafts, and Music into their curriculum.  Hospitals and nursing homes incorporate Art, Crafts, and Music into their rehabilitative systems.  And individuals seek out Art, Crafts, and Music in one way or another every day of their life.  That is because of the very positive benefits that are associated with all forms of Art, Crafts, and Music!